Electrical services

Electrical services

If you are in or around London, and in need of an electrician, look no further than Millers! We provide professional electrical services for the London area, and pride ourselves on our 28 years of dedicated experience. Everyone has heard stories of rogue traders and nightmarish over-pricing, but you won’t get that with Millers. As a NIC EIC approved company you can be assured that all electrical work will be carried out to the highest standard and in keeping with all safety regulations, all with competitive prices.electrical services london

We can handle any electrical services required, and no job is too big or too small. Maybe you just need something repaired?

  • Electric shower repairs: can’t take a hot shower? If you are having problems with your electric shower, we can send an electrician over for a quick electric shower repair.
  • Electric boiler repairs: electric boilers are generally very reliable, but if you’re having problems, simply call Millers.
  • Fuse board (consumer unit) renewal/repairs: The fuse board, is the beating heart of your property’s electrical system, and is therefore very important. The consumer unit is the newer, modern fuse board, so if you need an upgrade, or just a repair, we can get the job done.

Of course you may require other electrical services, such as installations and replacements. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, we can provide the friendliest and most thorough service available.

  • Extractor Fans and Hoods: we can quickly and professionally repair, replace or install extractor fans.
  • Lighting Installations: bring some light into your life, and call Millers to install it! We have extensive experience fitting and wiring lights, and also repair and replace light fittings.
  • Doorbells, Smoke and Fire Alarm Installation: at Millers, we are well aware of the importance of health and safety. That’s why we offer smoke and fire alarm installations (and replacements), and will make sure that your house meets all safety regulations.
  • Immersion Heaters: immersion heaters are electric elements immersed in a water tank, and are crucial to the supply of hot water in your home. Problems with immersion heaters are usually related to the build up of lime scale. Whether you have such a problem, or need an installation, we can provide the solution.
  • Innovative Garden Lighting & Power: outdoor power and lighting can be more complicated than typical electrical services, but be assured that Millers can get the job done to withstand any weather, and at an affordable price.

Millers is fully qualified to carry out any electrical services, and works to the British Standard BS7671 2008. We are NIC EIC approved, and if you call us today a friendly electrician can offer you a free estimate.

FAQs (common household problems)

Some switches in my property feel quite hot to the touch…?

Usually this is perfectly normal, especially on dimmer switches with below 600W bulbs. However, if the heat is on the receptacle then you may have a problem. Since this can be dangerous, you should contact an electrician as soon as possible.

My light bulbs seem to be constantly burning out…?

There could be any number of issues to be causing light bulbs to burn out too frequently. These can range from something simple, such as your bulbs being unsuitable for your circuitry, to more complex problems such as there being many poor connections that will require repairs and replacements. Either way, a call to a qualified electrician can solve your worries.

My breaker will not reset after it has been tripped…?

Although many people blame the breakers when this happens, more often that not this is untrue. More frequently, the fault that caused the breaker to trip to begin with is still causing problems, and needs to be addressed. An electrician can easily find out the problem and fix it for you.